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Orlando Newborn Photographer

Orlando Newborn Photography | Miss C.

Miss C’s Newborn Session | Orlando Newborn Photography

I love cuddling newborn babies. Being a professional photographer in Orlando, Florida¬†with a specialization in Orlando newborn photography has its perks — a lot of babies! Therefore, I usually always get my fix on sweet baby squishes. =) My youngest (and last) is 5 and has long outgrown this phase. Baby fixes are a requirement for me. =)

Most recently, I was able to photograph a beautiful newborn baby girl — little Miss C, a second daughter to a very sweet local Central Florida family.

Examples of Miss C’s Newborn Session

Orlando Newborn Photography

Isn’t she absolutely stunning?

Photographing newborns is not the easiest thing to do; as it requires a lot of time and patience. Specializing in Orlando newborn photography means that I have to expect that I may get peed, puked, or pooped on. Miss C., however, did none of these things and stayed asleep most of the time.

She truly was a perfect angel!

Credit: Newborn mohair bonnet and wrap were purchased from: Sweet Baby James Shop on Etsy.

Allison Vaughn is a professional family photographer, born and raised in Central Florida. Previously a kindergarten teacher, she has a passion for photographing Central Florida's babies, children, and families!